Golf Club Putter Jargon Explained

Golf club putter terms used by manufacturers explained in alphabetical order and types of lady golf clubs putters.
In your search for a putter that fits you many technical terms whizzed past your ears. Let me explain some of them point by point.

Belly Putter - Longer shaft than usually, but not the same lenght as a so-called Broomstick or Long putter. The shaft end is placed - let's call it anchored - to your belly, that's the firm hinge point for making a balanced pendule swing. Has a thicker grip. Some lady golfers swear by this golf club putter type, others can't stand the position and rather choose for more conventional golf equipment.

Bent Putter or Curved Putter - The tip of the shaft has a small curve to the putter head, meant for more balance and offset.

Blade Model - Iron head form, flat face, but difficult for beginners, good for mid and especially low handicap women. Sometimes the blade model is heel shafted: the tip of the shaft is tied to the heel of these type of lady golf putters. Sometimes center shafted: if the shaft is tied to the center of the club head - then it is also called center shaft putter.

Broomstick Golf Club Putter or Long Putter - These are longer than all other lady golf putters. These lady golf clubs are difficult. You have to be sure about your technique to control this one.

Center Shaft Putter - The shaft is tied to the center of the head. Difficult to control. Beginners better choose another one to play with on the green.

Conventional Putter - Use this golf club putter - if you can of course regarding your budget - in other words, at least start with a conventional putter. A tip most pro's are teaching us. So let us be well-behaved :-) Concentrate on your straight and sharp putting line and go!

Face Balanced - The toe and the heel are in balance. You can test this by yourself: just put the middle of the shaft on your forefinger - if the golf putter remains balancing horizontal, then it is a face balanced club. I recommended this one for short putts. I use one myself. Ideal for a perfect pendule swing to the hole on the green.

Heel Toe Weighted - The weight has been distributed equally to the heel and toe - sometimes by using inserts (see under Insert), and sometimes by a cavity designed center. This is meant to make (according to manufacturers) the lady golf putter more forgiving when you wobble, remble or quaver a bit.

Hosel - The point where the shaft is fixed on the lady golf club putter head. See more about the different parts of your lady golf equipment.

Insert - Small stripes of metal to distributed the weight in a lady golf putter head. Inserts of soft materials are used to create a kind of a jumping or trampoline effect when you hit the ball, or a buffing effect when the putter is used at a very fast green. This technique is also used in other lady golf clubs.

Mallet - A putter with a large and the well-known semi-circled head. The weight is equally devided over the head form.

Milled Face - The golf club putter heads are constructed by a special production method for creating the perfect loft and precision.

Offset Golf Putter - Your hands are further ahead from the club face. Meant for lady golfers who actually push the ball to the hole. Your eyes are more above the ball, that the way to create more top spin, for precision shots on a bumpy green.

Perimeter Weighted - The weight has been distributed over the edges of the head, creating a largers sweetspot, therefore these lady golf putters forgive more mishits.

Toe Weighted - The weight has been distributed to the toe of the golf club putter.